Sarah Hyland #1

Ariel Winter is not the only cutie from Modern Family. Sarah Hyland is an other one. She is really gorgeous and does not get all the attention she should deserve because we are distracted by Ariel's boobs. She was in my radar since a long time and I finally gave her a cumtribute.
By the way this tribute would have had be better than it is. As always when I do a cumtribute, I was edging again and again. Unfortunatelly, the last time was the time too many and I cummed. So she only got a second load.

Important announcement (updated)

This is a fact, world is more and more ruled by mormons and puritans. From march 23th 2015, blogger will no more allowed sexual stuffs and all adult blogs will be closed, so that means mine.
All I can do is migrate to an other place. The problem is I have taken a look to different places and none of them give as much possibilities as blogger. And for me, blogger is the place where layout is the best. And unlike the other places, there is no ads on blogger and I liked that and I hope you too.
It is really a pity that I have to begin again everything from nearly zero whereas my blog is one of the most popular places for cumtributes to celebs: 1 000 000 pageviews have been overtaken last week and each day pageviews are about 2500.

Of course, I will post nothing new here.
Very good news, Google realized its decision was totally stupid and unfair and has cancelled it. Probably an asshole mormon working in Google has tried to show who was the boss and decided unilaterally to ban all adult blogs from blogger thinking they were very few and owned by sick people. I think Google has changed its mind and decision because of all the negative feedbacks they got. They probably realized than porn blogs hosted by blogger were much more numerous than they thought and lose them meant lose a lot of traffic and traffic is so much important for Google. And less traffic means less money for Google, I am not naive enough to think Google backtracked for love of free speech.
But anyway, the important thing is I can carry on to share my cumtributes with you, what is a very bad news for the fucking asshole who harasses an insults me since many months here and on xHamster because I refuse to post some cumtributes to Suri Cruise on my blog. To realize how sick and nuts he is, you have to know he loves jerking off to Maddie Mccann, a little girl who is missing since she has been kidnapped while she was 3 yo.