Requests and why I don't do them.
Probably because people like my cumpics, I receive a lot of requests. The problem is I don't do requests. I am habitually not able to do more than 2 cumpics each week, so there is a lot of tributes I would like doing I can't. So how do you want I do requests with "celebs" I have never heard or for who I have no crush? Maybe if I did 2 or 3 cumpics each day, I could do requests. But this isn't how I want to work, I don't want to favor quantity to quality and do shitty cumpics.
So don't loose your time by asking me to do requests because I will not do them. But I hope you will find cumpics on celebs you like here (labels can help you).

13 October 2013

Emma Watson #17


  1. so hot man,how do i message you?

  2. Copieusement arrosée la salope

  3. Anonymous15/6/14 16:39

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